Diversity Plans Can’t Breathe Without AIIRTM

January 31, 2018

2:00 p.m. EST | 11a.m. PST

Event Description:

Diversity plans can’t breathe without AIIR: Accountability, Incentives, Infrastructure, and Resources” is a free online learning event hosted by Dr. Damon A. Williams and the Center for Strategic Diversity Leadership & Social Innovation. This is the second National Inclusive Excellence Webinar Summit event designed to support leaders to create real and meaningful change in their lives, organizations, and communities by using more evidenced based diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to drive change, create community, empower leaders, and inspire hope.

To work with Dr. Williams and bring the National Inclusive Excellence Tour to your organization please email – or call 1-833-CDO-HELP.


The Inclusive Excellence National Webinar Summit is the public kick off to the Tour, and a broader campaign.

September 20, 2017

2:00 p.m. EST | 11a.m. PST

Some topics that will be addressed during the webinar include:
  • A state of diversity snapshot, that will quickly paint a picture of our national progress on issues of student diversity, faculty diversity, inclusion, campus climate, and best-practice strategies of Strategic Diversity Leadership in higher education;
  • An overview of the national political context and its implications for campus safety, freedom of speech, race conscious policy, campus monuments, and a growing climate of exclusion that many members of our community are feeling;
  • Guidance and tools to help leaders work with the Centennial Generation (students born after 1997), foster faculty diversification, close student achievement gaps, and improve the campus climate for inclusion; and
  • An overview of the National Inclusive Excellence Tour, and the broader campaign to empower 1 million leaders to use more evidence based approaches to embolden diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in their work and daily lives.

We are hosting the National Inclusive Excellence Webinar Summit, to champion inclusion, celebrate diversity, and empower strategic diversity leaders to collaborate as never before, to make our institutions, and our nation inclusive and excellent for all.