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to use more evidence based diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to achieve meaningful change

Inclusive Excellence Tour Explainer Video

This video explains the National Inclusive Excellence Tour, providing an overview of key components and impact for colleges and universities, companies, non-profits, k-12 institutions, and more.

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The Inclusive Excellence TourTM is led by leader, scholar, and educator, Dr. Damon A. Williams.

The Inclusive Excellence Tour is a chance to strengthen your organization’s diversity commitment by engaging your entire community in a conversation about diversity, equity, inclusion, and change with Dr. Damon A. Williams, one of the nation’s most experienced leaders, scholars, and educators in this area.

He is a best-selling author whose research launched the Inclusive Excellence Model in American Higher Education, and his foundational books Strategic Diversity Leadership and The Chief Diversity Officer have become the North Star guidance of CDO’s and diversity champions everywhere.

A generational leader, he has been featured at more than 500 meetings and directly shaped the STEM, college access, leadership development, wellness, and workforce development experiences of 4 million diverse youth globally as the Senior Vice President and Chief Education Officer for the world’s largest youth development organization, The Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

More than a scholar and thought leader, he has led at all levels of the Strategic Diversity Leadership Movement, providing supporting and executive leadership impacting colleges and universities, Fortune 100 companies, government, and community organizations, driving diversity, equity, inclusion, and corporate responsibility efforts throughout his 20-year career leading change.

University of Dayton Inclusive Excellence Tour Media Video

See Dr. Williams featured in interviews and coverage associated with the launch of the National Inclusive Excellence Tour at the University of Dayton.

Inclusive Excellence Tour Brochure


  • To create a more powerful strategic diversity leadership movement to drive diversity, equity, inclusion, leadership development, and understanding.
  • To empower executives, leaders, students, and faculty to become more engaged in the work of Inclusive Excellence;
  • To provide evidenced based resources, tools and guidance to strengthen #StrategicDiversityLeadership skills and quicken the pace of change;
  • To future proof organizations for the generation trailing the Millennials, the Centennials, a generation born after 1997, who is more diverse, digitally intuitive, and socially engaged than any generation previously.
  • To bridge the gap between the higher education, k-12, corporate, government, and non-profit communities by creating an eco-system perspective that inspires collective impact, public-private partnerships, and the democratizing power of technology to drive collaboration.


Motivational Keynote Speech with Q & A

Bring your entire community together to experience an inspiring, personal, and evidence-based message of diversity, equity, inclusion, and hope.  Informed by his leadership, research, national best practices, and lived experiences, this keynote session will take attendees on a fun and engaging “TED Talk Like” journey of leadership, possibility, and the imperatives of diversity, equity, inclusion, change and the Centennial Generation.

Answering the Burning Questions of Inclusive Excellence with Executives and Leaders

Having an Inclusive Excellence Mindset is foundational to gaining buy-in organizationally.  This session fosters a shared mindset through a question and answer session for executives, senior leaders, faculty, staff, and students with a chance to engage in a thoughtful dialogue that is among their peers, to ask and discuss issues as part of an intimate discussion, with an experienced voice of external leadership.  Executives with executives.  Students with students. Faculty with faculty, etc.

Some topics include and are not limited to: student academic achievement and leadership pathways to the workforce; expanding STEM education; climate and inclusion innovations; diversity leadership development; faculty and staff diversification; curriculum transformation; and creating diversity accountability, incentive, diversity branding and multicultural marketing, corporate responsibility and collective impact initiatives.

The Diversity Champions Summit

Leading diversity and inclusion efforts is amongst the most challenging of tasks.  This working session is specifically designed to motivate and empower chief, senior, and campus diversity officers, diversity committees, affinity communities, multicultural marketing officers, and diversity and inclusion champions and allies across all roles and levels of the community.

Presidential Coaching Session

Presidential support is key to driving change and this executive coaching session is uniquely designed to help your president or CEO to hack the diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges impeding progress in your organization.

Book Signing

A private book signing with the author of the only diversity and inclusion strategy books endorsed by the presidents of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), American Council of Education (ACE), Association of Americans Colleges & Universities (AACU), National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA), the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), and the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO).


Leaders interested in empowering their communities, inspiring change, and moving the agenda of their organizations, whether they are:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Corporations
  • Government Agencies
  • National Organizations and Associations
  • Non-Profit Organizations, or
  • Non-Government Organizations


  • Schedule a Custom Designed Residency Including the Various Components of the Tour
  • Schedule a Motivational Keynote for Your Meeting, Conference, or Retreat
  • Schedule a Special Webinar Sharing the Tour Experience with Your Community at Scale
  • Schedule a multi-day Strategic Diversity Leadership Planning or Training Institute
  • Create a fully customized Strategic Diversity Leadership Program


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